Why Vinyl?

Why Vinyl?

Vinyl fencing has become very popular in the fencing industry. Here are some reasons why:

Beautiful Appearance

Vinyl fences are some of the best looking fences you can find.  There are a variety of colors and styles of vinyl available.  You can even get vinyl fence that looks just like wood.

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No Painting Or Staining Required

As opposed to wood fences, vinyl never needs to be painted or stained. This can be a huge saver on time and money in the long run.


Does not warp, rot, yellow or fade

Wood fences and other types can begin to show their age over time through withstanding weather and other conditions.  Many times wood fences can warp, rot, yellow or fade do to exposure to the sun, moisture and changing weather. Vinyl fencing does none of these things, and is extremely durable.  You can be sure your vinyl fence will look great for decades.

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Vinyl fencing is actually incredibly strong. Having 4 times the flexibility of your standard wood fencing, and 5 times the tensile strength.


Graffiti Resistant

One of the most interesting features of Vinyl fencing is it’s resistance to graffiti. Graffiti and other marks or stains can be removed with standard household cleaners.

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The Only Drawback

It isn’t the cheapest option… but you would actually pay a similar price for a premium wood fence.  Not to mention it more than pays for itself in the long run.  It increases the value of your home, and more than other fences due to it’s beautiful appearance and long lifespan.


So if you’re thinking about getting a vinyl fence, don’t hesitate to contact Fence Builders Edmonton.  We will get you set up with the perfect vinyl fence for your needs.

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