Don’t Forget To Consider These Things Before Building A Fence

Don’t Forget To Consider These Things Before Building A Fence

There are several reasons why you may be considering to install a new fence. Maybe you’re looking to improve the appearance of your property. Or keep your pets and kids safely contained in the backyard.  It could be some extra privacy you’re looking for, or even some extra security.  It could be a combination of all these things!

It’s important to carefully consider what it is you want out of your new fence and what it needs to provide for you. There are many different fence materials and styles to choose from, and each have their own pros, cons and price range.  We at Fence Builders Edmonton will of course provide the best advice we can to help you in the decision making process. Be sure to check out our other posts that go into greater detail about the different materials and styles of fencing we offer: Homepage

There are also a few more things you might have forgot to consider…

Local zoning codes include fencing bylaws.  So you might not be able to build the 12 foot tall fence you were visualizing.  Many of these laws also dictate where you are actually allowed to build a fence.  For example in many areas you have to build a certain distance from certain property lines, and you may not be able to install a fence in your front yard. All of the staff at Fence Builders Edmonton is well informed on Edmonton and the surrounding area zoning codes.  So we can help make sure you’re not breaking and rules.

Consider letting others know about the change

Sometimes neighbors can get a little agitated if a fence pops up without any notice. We’ve actually seen it before! So it may be courteous to let your immediate neighbors know you plan to get a fence installed before you get it done. They may even offer to split the cost!

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