Chain Link Fence Edmonton

Chain Link Fence Edmonton

Fence Builders Edmonton Installs Chain Link!

Chain Link Fencing Edmonton

If you have a home, business, or other property in or around Edmonton, you might want to secure the perimeter with chain link fence Edmonton. This might be simply to mark property boundaries, you might want to keep kids in, or you just want to possibly keep wildlife out. Regardless of the motivations behind your decision, we will provide the best service you can find. Below are some frequently asked questions when it comes to chain link fences.

Chain link fencing – common questions

1) How long will the chain link fence last before starting to discolor and rust?

Most chain linked fencing will last years, if not decades before starting to turn color, and the more recently it was manufactured, the more research and technology were put into the design and production. We use the best quality materials on the market, that you can expect to last for decades. However, it is useful to know when and what kind of maintenance, resurfacing, or protective coatings might be needed.

2) Can the fence be painted?

Yes! It is not common for property owners to paint chain link fence, but that is not to say it can not be an option. This is especially true for retail businesses that might want to present a visually pleasing color scheme that matches their brand. Even homeowners might want to touch up fence with a splash of color in order to add curb appeal, either for potential buyers or just to see something nice when they pull home in the driveway every evening.

Edmonton fence chain link

3) How hard is it to get replacement chain link fencing that matches your original?

Sometimes things happen where part of your fence might get destroyed or rendered unusable. In the unlikely event your fencing gets damaged, you can always contact us to make repairs.  We always have excess stock of everything we install, so it will match with the rest of the fence perfectly.

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When it comes to chain link, and any other type of fencing, we are the best company in Edmonton.

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